How to Hire a Knowledgeable Marketing Company

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Hiring a marketing company is a crucial decision for any business. The marketing agency will be in charge with their client’s brand image, advertising budget and lead generation efforts. A good fit means a strong brand image and many new clients. A wrong choice can lead to money spent on ineffective marketing strategy, low SEO ratings and a weak brand image.


So, how can you make sure that you’re hiring a knowledgeable marketing company? The answer is through a mix of background checks and in-person discussions with those who will be in charge with your account.


Here are some effective tips for selecting the right marketing agency to work for you:


  1. A Proven Track Record

Professional and knowledgeable marketing companies usually share various successful client stories and testimonials. You should also be able to find positive reviews on the SEO roofing firm website and on its social media accounts.


As an extra precaution, get in touch with one of the clients and ask them to explain how the company deals with their marketing efforts and responds to their demands and requirements.


  1. A Good Fit for Your Brand Image and Values

Some marketing companies become specialized on a type of clients and market sectors. This does not mean that they are not professional, but that their approach and strategies would do your brand image no favors.


For example, a law firm or financial institution would not benefit from the services of a marketing company that relies on influencer marketing, Instagram Stories and YouTube video promotion.


  1. Transparency in Communication

A knowledgeable marketing company will communicate with its clients in all situations: when sharing good news and bad news. There is nothing more frustrating than sitting and wondering why you are not getting the expected results on a campaign where you invested a lot of money.


A professional company knows how to own up to a failure and make reparations. They also know how to enjoy success, without falling back on it and focusing on what lies ahead.


  1. Ready for a Long Term Partnership

Professional marketing companies have been working with their roster of clients for years. They organically grow together, and they understand each other through shared values and constant communication.


If you don’t see a vested interest in the marketing company to engage in long term cooperation with your business, you should probably look elsewhere.


  1. They Don’t Make Outrageous Promises

“We’ll get you on the first page of Google search results in two weeks.” “We’ll double your highest conversion rate for Facebook ads from the first campaign.” If you hear such promises, stand up from the negotiations table and walk away. No true professional would ever make such promises – because they are impossible to keep.


At best, they would employ black hat (unethical) SEO and marketing strategies, which would get your business banned from social media platforms and sink the ranking of your web page once Google finds out about them. And they find out of such things very quickly.


As you can see, it takes some time before you find a knowledgeable marketing company. But without thorough research, you will soon find out that you’ve made a very expensive mistake.